• Millions of babies die each year because they don't have access to neonatal care.

    Each LifePod costs just $2000 to make and can save hundreds of babies' lives. You can save a life by donating as little as $20.

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  • Millions of babies die each year because they don't have access to neonatal care.

    Each LifePod costs just $2000 to make and can save hundreds of babies' lives. You can save a life by donating as little as $20. 

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The Mondiale LifePod

Meet the LifePod, our simple invention set to change the
world. The more you give, the more of these we can build
and the more little hearts we can keep beating.

How does the LifePod work?

Today's incubators just aren't designed to work in the hostile developing world environment. They are expensive and need constant repairs and maintenance, purified water and uninterrupted power supplies, LifePods don't.

LifePods purify their own air and water and run for ten years, saving up to 500 little lives for a fraction of the price of existing incubators.

How can I help?

Please donate what you can, then share this via or . Together let's change the world and #KeepLittleHeartsBeating.

Get your school involved

Your school can help produce the LifePod Infant Incubator and save millions of babies' lives. We've put together a fundraising school pack loaded with educational material to get you started. Your help, no matter how small, is appreciated. Any school that raises $2,000 or more will have their name inscribed on the LifePod they've helped us to build.

School Pack

Enter your details below to get started:

Thank you

Thank you for helping us to make the world a better place for those little hearts who deserve a chance at life. A LifePod School Pack will be mailed to you shortly.

Thank you for your kind help.

Sir Ray Avery GNZM


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    Get your name inscribed on our LifePod incubator wall of heroes.

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    Sir Ray Avery will personally email you to give his thanks.

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    A special Instagram thank you from Sir Ray Avery.

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    Get your name inscribed onto a LifePod, then pick which country we send it to.

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    A dinner with
    Sir Ray Avery.

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    Sir Ray Avery will speak at an event of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Little Heart Selfies #keeplittleheartsbeating

Thanks for your support

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